Police in Lego City

In the game "Police in Lego City" you will be a real tracker of abundance. Your legend will be a cop who carefully takes care of the tranquility of Lego City. He has a real nose for hooligans, and the brave cop almost senses the presence of bandits in the city with his skin. This helps him to effectively fight against illegal actions in Lego City and limit the potential results of illegal actions. Are you ready to take on the job of an extreme cop? Then get to work! To start watching, get in a patrol car and travel around the city, sticking to the order. When the symbol in the left corner of the game turns red, you must open it and receive an order from Captain Bennett. The bolt you want to follow will quickly appear on the screen. This will lead you to the evidence or directly to the hooligans themselves. Do what is necessary so as not to miss a lone crook and put each of them in prison, where the offenders should be. Participate in the game and good luck!