Garden Tales

Welcome to the nursery! Garden Tales is a match-3 game in which you combine at least three natural products to clear them. You can also use promoters as a dwarf effect to release huge amounts of leafy food in a celestial explosion. Buy more supporters by bringing in cash. Would you be able to overcome the garden tales? Trade the position of the leaf foods to correct three lines. The moment you have effectively corrected this type of natural product, they will appear, giving way to more garden plants to collapse. You can use promoters to clear huge sums. These exceptional rewards are valuable when you are stuck. Take them with the gold coins you buy. Here we have a sample puzzle game in which you will try to connect coordination with types of organic products. Combine something like three types of organic products from the neighborhood garden to get the really necessary tricks. Instead of clicking without suspecting, you should think a few turns in advance, as you have a predetermined number of turns. The game offers you a beautiful design and has many levels of access, so you will not be exhausted. In addition, the game is additionally available on mobile phones, so you can play it anywhere you want. Have a good time! The kingdom of dwarves will open for you the main door in the game Garden Tales! The little men are not just digging in the caves, extracting treasures, they are also gifted gardeners and nurseries. Just see what a gorgeous harvest of berries and organic products they have come up with to fill small regions at the foot of the mountain. There are so many natural products that without the help of dwarves they can not adapt to their range. Take a look at them and take a bright and invigorating mystery for a wonderful stay. Collect invitations for organic products in columns of at least three indistinguishable to complete the work at the level they are located at the top.