Dinosaurs Merge Master

Dinosaurs Merge Master is a relaxed game where you combine dinosaurs and fighters to build an army. Every time you combine your heroes, test your strength in the war zone.

Place your dinosaur and human champions in the battle zone and see how they stack up against your enemies. Spend your gold money obtained from the battle to buy more units.

Team up to create powerful new heroes with a serious pursuit of power and well-being. Keep getting closer to focus all your power into one super unit. The cost of one more piece increases with each purchase, so consolidation becomes more difficult in the long run.

Every time you combine two new dinosaurs, you unlock a more grounded dinosaur. The equivalent applies to human characters! You can view your assortment as long as you touch the map symbol.

It won't be long before you're off to conquer new lands as you unlock more fascinating and brutal dinosaurs with an insatiable hunger for the bones of your opponents.

Dinosaurs Merge Master is a relaxed game with technique that will require some investment when there were huge ancient reptiles snaking the earth, living near small clans of rough individuals! Huge battles constantly broke out between them, in which the cave dwellers used stones and spears, but even extremely trained dinosaurs, to gain a huge advantage over the enemy.