Charm Farm

In Charm Farm, pixie Kaya needs your help to rebuild the town after the attack of the shrewd wizard Garp. Join her in this enchanted world and take matters into your own hands to show your enemies that they cannot attack this peaceful place once again. Get a handle on your assets and prepare for whatever other onslaught might happen later! The Astute Alchemist will undoubtedly try to really attack, so you need to be set up before he's past the point of no return. Your goal is to complete different tasks and expand your city by placing different structures using different assets. You can play this game with your mouse to get started. Citizens in this game are called Shmoos. You need them to fabricate and perform various activities. On the left half of the screen you will see your mission and the destinations to complete it. Pixie Kaya will help you when you first start the game and show you the most important things. To construct different things, you will need assets like mana and gold. Collect as many of them as you can. By creating spells you can speed up your assets. You can also acquire different things as a reward by completing the missions. Good luck and have a great time inventing an otherworldly city!