Finn's Fantastic Food Machine

Finn's Fantastic Food Machine is a fast food game made by Light Wolf Studios. Collect the dishes really from the kitchen and make sure that they will be transferred to the right table! In case you've been thinking about what it's like to work in a hectic restaurant, Finn's Fantastic Food Machine is the perfect game for you! Put it in your program and make sure you focus on the intricacies! You will have to arrange and hand over more and more plates while you play, so be careful! Drop or skip a plate and your cooking may be over. The young man Finn needed to open his own small restaurant for the rest of his life. In order to work with his work, our saint, as indicated in the drawings, designed a machine for himself, which is equipped for preparing various dishes. You at Finn's Fantastic Food Machine will help him in his work. First you find yourself in the room where this device is located. While controlling the person, you have to run under extraordinary spouts and catch the plates with food that falls out of them. Then, at this point, you have to escape to the normal room and there for a fixed time to serve food at the table for visitors. You and your companion have found a financial supporter who will work with you to understand your fantasy of running a restaurant. You have created an amazing machine to help you. So right now is your chance; don't ruin it if you accept that you have to stay in business! Grab the plates as they come down from the food processor and handle them to the right customers. Try not to stop them and do not miss anything. Suppose you have a machine that can prepare whatever food you want? Here's how you can run Finn's Fantastic Food Machine! You have this amazing machine that can prepare food to match customer orders. You need to take the plates that come out of the machine so that the food does not fall. Then you need to serve it to customers as soon as possible! This game is fun and requires amazing reactions and time.