Penalty Shooters 2

Score objectives to win the soccer competition! Penalty Shooters 2 highlights many groups from around the globe. Pick a dream association with clubs from England, France, or North America. Each round comprises of 5 turns. Score and make saves. Pick your cherished association among England, Spain, Germany, Argentina, or even Russia or North America! Then, at that point, begin contending in matches, shifting back and forth between scoring punishments, and halting them as the goalkeeper. Penalty Shooters 2 highlights 360 groups from 12 associations. For each association you first play the gathering stage, and afterward continue to the knockout stage. Penalty Shooters 2 get back with new associations, new groups and more fun. Pick your cherished group, then, at that point, attempt to dominate each game as you move up the positions in your association. Point the ball and kick to score objectives, or move your goalie to save any balls from entering the net. Attempt to win the competition in this great continuation of one of the most famous internet based soccer matches ever. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared for a definitive punishment shoot-out challenge? Select your cherished soccer group from 12 associations. Fight you way through the gathering stage and knockout stage and attempt to win the cup! Play as kicker and goalkeeper and trust that the ideal second will take your action. Would you be able to score and beat them all?