Mario Games

Play the exemplary activity by watching or jumping, competing, swimming and in any case flying through the various difficulties in the kingdom of Mario. Many types are provided - from the great configuration to puzzles. All games with Mario include in any case one character from the great scenes of the computer game and some significantly more. Play in the organization of one of the famous companions of the legend of the computer game, such as Luigi, Yoshi or Princess Peach. In case you are looking for additional difficulties, a huge number of them will allow you to fight against Bowser or various opponents! Easy control and fast learning are a key aspect of all Mario games. You will only operate it regularly with the console bolts. You will be able to run, bounce and move your character through various reliefs on the ground with just four keys. For some different difficulties with Mario you will be able to use the mouse for full control by exploring the screen and performing stunts by clicking. Despite the usual N64 deviation, several games include additional choices, such as golf or uneven terrain. In themed golf, you can hit golf balls by controlling them through funnels or around obstacles such as mushrooms. In uneven terrain games, you will test your abilities in the middle world of the Nintendo 64.