Mahjong Alchemy

Mahjong Alchemy is a tile coordinating game with a speculative chemistry theme. Become a tile chemist and solve the game's special puzzles. You'll have to arrange the cargo before time runs out, so make sure you're a sharp puzzle solver! Mahjong Alchemy is perfect for fans of Mahjong solitaire. There is a mind-boggling combination of tiles to tackle before the clock runs out. Regardless of the clock, Mahjong Alchemy is still a very relaxed game. There's no music to hinder your critical thinking brain, and 15 minutes for each round is a decent length of playtime where you enjoy life at a discount. In case you are not satisfied with the tileset you have received, you can tap "negotiate a new tileset". At this point, the game will advance the tiles into a different arrangement. In case you are new to Mahjong, the main reason for the game is basic. Match two similar tiles to remove them. As long as there can't be different tiles in the way, you should be able to. The uncertain part is finding similar tiles among different tiles of comparable appearance. It looks amazing.