Avoid Dying

Avoid Dying is a toxophilia game where you have to use your aiming skills to hit the target with a bolt. Your score increases with each effective hit, but a missed target can have desperate results such as a gobliath trap falling on you and smashing you. Suggest the game with your companions and see who can score the most notable in this shooting bow and bolt! Focus on the bull's eye as you try to avoid death in this fun online toxophilia game. In case you hit the target, you will live for one more round, but if you fail to miss, you will break the rope and your life will be over. Basically hit the target to make a big difference in the game when you kick the bucket your high score will be sent. Stay alive and good luck! Avoid Dying is an internet game where you will have an extremely basic objective. Your goal will be to reach the goal with your legend. In case you ignore this, you will bite the dust. Early in the game, this won't be as troublesome as the targets still won't move, but the problem will gradually increase as you progress. You can play the game on your mobile phone. Make sure you tell others about your score in the comments. So please we must play!