Mahjong Christmas

Experience the magic of Christmas in Xmas Mahjong! There's so much to appreciate - play lots of mind-blowing mahjong puzzles, collect delightful mastery skills, make unusual destinies, and rescue magical animals from the relic witch! As you play, your pet evolves and helps you with their extraordinary powers. The New Year disposition is already noticeable everywhere, you are looking forward to the upcoming occasions, but while you are preparing for them, you can deviate a little and answer the following riddle. It is made of Christmas properties that are placed in square tiles of similar size. You have to remove them from the field by finding sets that are something similar. Follow the principles of mahjong by choosing pictures that are edge-to-edge and have two free adjacent sides. Click them in the Christmas Mahjong game and eliminate them from the playing area. Time on levels is limited.