Bubble Witch Shooter Magical

Bubble Witch Shooter Magical is Saga An enchanted air pocket puzzle game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga. The freshest game in the well-known Bubble Witch arrangement. Stella the witch is back and she needs your help to crush Wilbur in this high-energy puzzle-touching experience! Wilbur may seem charming, but he is nonetheless loaded with mystical bewilderment! Travel through the domains blowing up as many air pockets as you can in this air pocket shooting puzzle game. Help Stella, Nero, and Violet reclaim part of the domain by agreeing to climbs with the new guide line that allows you and Stella to impact and fly with mysterious precision! Solve the puzzles to rejoin the ghosts, rescue the owls and rescue the sizable pixel sovereign in this dangerous air pocket shooting experience. Cast spells and catalysts with Nero and shoot your way through these extra intense levels to keep up with mischievous Wilbur! Impact! Stella must rebuild her home, all thanks to the devious Wilbur. Focus and work your way through the levels to track down the adorable stardust that Stella needs to renovate, modify and style her new home! The lone air pocket shooter you need at any moment! Take on this Alien Saga alone or fly with companions, burst their air pocket by setting a whole new high score.