Smarty Bubbles

Know Everything Bubbles is one of the most played air pocket shooters on the planet and overall one of the first sample HTML5 games, valued by millions around the world. With its basic and addictive ongoing interaction, Smarty Bubbles will suck you in and wake you up to beat your high score over and over again. The basic mechanics of the constant interaction of Match 3 makes it easy to learn, no matter how difficult the ace. Is it true that you are enough to beat this Bubble Pop game? Your goal is to connect at least 3 air pockets with similar shading to drive them off the screen. What sounds straightforward is actually a serious test, so the game requires you to play on purpose and think ahead. The most important principle is not to shoot consecutively in the first three coordinating air pockets. It is much better to check the screen and deliberately notice your air pocket. Along these lines you will be able to throw many more wrists than an air pocket from the screen. Finally, it's all about the high score. Test your skills and be the fastest and most experienced Smarty Bubble Shooter player of all!