Pill Soccer

Pill Soccer is a fun and easy to learn soccer game! You can play with online players or in two-player game mode with your companion! The matches in this game are 90 seconds, you have to score goals to dominate the match. You can find support from rewards to kill your opponent. Be aware of reward times and use them effectively when they are received! Likewise, you can get gems in race mode and get new players and new ball skins! Pill Soccer is a great sporting event where you will play soccer. This is an extremely basic form - it will be you and your opponent. The object of the game is to score any number focus that would be reasonable before it expires as far as possible. It's set to 90 seconds as much as possible, however there will be a lot of targets in a short amount of time so this shouldn't be a problem. During the game, you will receive rewards that can, for example, freeze an opponent. You can play as two players on a single computer. You can also play in the competition and unlock new skins. So please we must play!