Cursed Treasure 1½

Cursed Treasure 1½ is a peak defense game where you guard a reserve of cursed gems for a shrewd master. Prevent the legends from infiltrating and taking the evil pearls by building defensive peaks and using sorcery. Guard the cursed treasure from honest offenders. Explore three accessible peaks and place them in decidedly huge areas in the guide to kill the criminals before they grab the gems. There are blazing lasers, shooting pitchforks and deadly boomerang turrets that you can use to your potential advantage. You can successively redesign these designs to present all the more prominent impacts. Use your enchanted spells as clear trees so you can assemble more tops. There are various opponents from ninjas to celestial messengers and they all have unique capacities. Celestial messengers can fly, ninjas move fast, etc. Cursed Treasure 1½ emphasizes level progression as opposed to eternal interactivity for endurance. Once you complete a level effectively, you'll receive expert focuses to purchase long-lasting buffs to your sorcery, gold, and XP.