Car VS Zombie Derby

Car VS Zombie Derby game will speak to a lover of sci-fi and thrillers, especially zombie movies. Just imagine yourself in the field driving a vehicle hitting zombies on your way. Deterrents await you on the field, so it won't be as natural. To begin with, choose the vehicle that you think is suitable for destroying the living dead. In the distant future, deadly dangerous Car VS Zombie Derby races began to be organized in unusually developed fields. You participate in them today. Towards the beginning of the game you have to visit the car shed and select a vehicle from the list of given vehicles. Each machine will have its own specialized attributes. From this point on, you will wind up in the field. Various interceptions will dissipate in its domain. Among them will wander the living dead. After dispersing your vehicle, you have to rush through the field at speed and destroy every single one of the zombies.