Candy Bubble

This cute adorable Match 3 game is perhaps the best order of air pocket shooter innovation - and it's free of all calories! From its masterful visual style to its music, from its interactivity mechanics to its sheer measure, Candy Bubble is one of the most driven air pocket shooters on the planet. It looks delightful, but don't be fooled. There are many difficulties that you have to face with the possibility of shutting down every one of the 1000 levels. Really, read this right. Sweet Bubbles includes a shocking measure of levels and can take some time on the off chance that you need to beat every one of them. Each level has a specific objective that you must complete before you can move on to the next. When all is said and done, there is one guideline to follow in case you need to beat every single one of the 1000 levels: play smart and consistently go for the big groups. The bigger the group you break, the more extra focuses you'll get. Air pocket shooters depend on the example Match 3 recipe, so you'll probably coordinate three treated air pockets of similar shading in any case to blow them up and drive them off the field. Also, as in some other Connect 3 games, it's significantly more powerful to coordinate large groups of air pockets rather than just 3 air pockets on a double to get tasty extra focuses. Would you be able to earn each of the three stars? This is a true understanding of Bubble Puzzle. Air pocket Pop at its best. Despite its bright visuals, Candy Bubble Shooter additionally includes a chilling soundtrack to go with you on your excursion to become the best air pocket shooter player of all. 1000 degrees of epic aerial pocket fun awaits you.