Onet Connect Classic

Onet is one of the works of interaction art. Similar to match 3, the main goal is to connect two native creatures or organics. In Onet, you draw a line between them. Anyway, there are two important standards to follow: - There are no hairpins in the way the two tiles are compared. - A line that connects two tiles can only change course twice. (Or on the other hand less, apparently). Gracious and has a period limit. You have five minutes to clear each level. This makes this creature and natural product connect to the game that separates itself from the horde of countless other match 3 or connect 4 games. Like these games, your main goal is to clear the entire playing field of all tiles. As fascinating as it may seem, there may be some key considerations and coordination abilities required to light up the game. In any case, be afraid to assume that you are out there, that there is help. In the upper right half of the screen you will find two symbols. Magnifying glass and mix button. The magnifying glass encourages you to distinguish the following possible associative choices. Anyway, the real joker of this game is the mix work. What does it do? All things considered, it does exactly what it says. It rearranges the tiles on the field in order to expose new association choices. A real saver, that's quite frankly!