Stickman Shooter 2

In Stickman Shooter 2, take charge of your valiant and solid Stickman hero and destroy your opponents who try to challenge you. Grab your weapons, take a situation in your base and keep your eyes peeled! Would you be able to destroy each of the intruders? The war can be trying for some and it looks like your opponents will fight to overcome you. All things considered, you must persevere and use everything at your disposal to stop them from walking towards your base. You can play the game with the mouse. Click the catch to play to begin. On the next screen, you can look at different mods that you can buy. At the very beginning, they will not be available to you since you have no cash. Proceed to the battle by tapping the blue catch in the main right corner. You are positioned on the left side and your opponents will enter the field from the right side. use the mouse to aim and shoot the unit. Your base is not helpless as it also has various weapons attached to it. You complete a wave when you kill every enemy. You can use extraordinary attacks to deal extraordinary damage to your enemies. Good luck and have a good time!