Endless Truck

This is not a stop game! It's a quick game (and semi-test system for flying animals with trucks)! Fasten your seatbelt now and race your Monster Truck as far as you can, collecting money, pulling the biggest bounces, doing crazy flips, staying away from massive bombs and making sure you don't run out of fuel. If you fail you go back to port and use the money you collect to repair your truck with new tires, a bigger motor or a bigger tank and try again. You can upgrade your vehicle in five areas.Engine Upgrade your engine to reach higher and most extreme speed. Did you realize there are no brakes? You can't lose on the off chance that you can't stop, can you?Fuel tank You'll probably get the degree you can. Which is much simpler with more fuel. Sure. A favorable thing is anything but electric fuel Monster Truck.Vehicle Body This will not only make your vehicle lighter, but it will also reduce its usage. Likewise, you'll be able to fly higher, which is an incredible capacity for a huge car. Tires More retention goes up for better handling. What's more: less fuel consumption. Grip is essential to maintain as much speed as can reasonably be expected when you're stupidly bouncing off wooden slopes. Bull bar Currently not helpful for driving cattle on the cross road as we're not in Texas and also there's no dairy animals. In any case, it helps against wooden obstacles and bombs. But at the same time, better stay away from them in any case. The better your truck, the further you will be able to go. Plus, since this unbeatable racer features an online leaderboard, you'll have to be something more, right? Find out how awesome you are with the standout among other 3D nasty games in HTML5: Endless Truck!