Backgammon Classic

Backgammon is one of the most established board games on the planet, going back to the ancient Persians. Improve your reasoning and rate the Backgammon Classic series. Play against the computer or your companion on the equivalent mobile phone, tablet or computer. Alternatively, choose your preferred board structure, difficulty level that matches your capabilities, and the amount of rounds you need to play. You can play in Backgammon Singleplayer mode or together on a similar phone or tablet in Two-player mode. Turn the shakers and try to hinder your opponent as much as expected! The primary player who banishes each of his checkers from the board dominates the match. Our board is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Choose the most reduced annoyance to familiarize yourself with the basic strategies and stunts. You can then test your abilities in the higher challenges, where your man-made brain power will give you a significant test. In case your abilities have surpassed those of man-made brainpower, why not challenge your mates to a decent two-player backgammon match on your phone? Is there anything more fulfilling than beating your own comrades in a board game? Or on the other hand any challenge for that matter? The appropriate answer is: no!