Papa’s Pancakeria

Work at a diner with Cooper and Smart! Take orders from hungry customers and visit the barbecue station. Cook hot cakes with a new player and change each request in the form station. Stack the pancakes together, add fixings and serve your customers.

Papa's Pancakeria is a relaxed dining game where you cook nuts on a barbecue and serve them with delicious toppings to customers. Play mini games and update the store as you progress. Find out how to make perfect hot cakes while mixing different orders without a moment's delay.

Papa Louie has caught your cat and included it as a method to attract you to his bird farm. The moment you show up to recover your cat, he confines you to neglected servitude in his well-known Pancakeria. Although initially resistant, you soon find satisfaction in leveling your abilities on the tracks as Dad's protégé.

It's so great that you can barbecue apples. As a stand-in for the incomparable Papa Louie, you'll soon learn how to barbecue a warm brownie to perfection, with a crisp firmness on the outside and a soft inside. Follow the barbecue assistant and use the fast forward to put the stove into high gear.

Just a mental case eats your hotcakes plain, and given that you're sure to get a few oddball offerings working at Papa's Pancakeria, most customers lean toward their pancakes with flavor additions. You can add sprinkles, bananas, syrups, blueberries - any of the most delightful things to add flavor to your customers.

After each daily shift you will get 3 opportunities in one of the different mini games. You can play Pizza Pachinko or some pretty silly little games. Assuming you win the test, you'll be compensated with something to help you in the game. You can also use your tips to buy new things for the establishment.

Decorating things like tables and banners helps further the customer, keeping time, while switching to hardware can make the food preparation process simpler and faster. Eventually, the shop floor will be fully equipped with new furniture, flooring, walls - every one of the extravagant accessories. But first you have to acquire them!