Adam and Eve 7

In Adam and Eve 7, our brave and fearless mountain man becomes isolated from his significant other, Eve, and he must return. Get ready to help Adam through levels including various puzzles and intriguing characters. An excursion loaded with ancient difficulties to sit tight for you in this game. Dinosaurs, average stone age men and other risky animals roam nearby. Despite being creative and gifted, Adam needs your help to overcome the obstacles to his approach to Eve. Your goal in this game is to complete each level by solving puzzles. You can play the game with the mouse. In each level you will deal with an alternative problem. You will need to do various things to ensure a flawless and safe login for Adam. Click on the items you see in each level to calculate an answer. Every now and then you have to find something to keep a strong character so you can get to the opposite end. In case you have fallen into a trap, click on the clue button in the upper left corner of the screen. Grab catches and switches to move items, use different things to do something else to progress, and don't forget to level up before you meet Eve! Could you pass each of the levels and join this ancient couple without a problem? Adam and his true love Eve are back for more fun experiences. Help Adam reach his affection by outsmarting the dangerous dinosaurs. Tap an assortment of items until you make a way to walk.